How You Travel

How do you like to travel?  In a group with your family and friends or a new group with like-minded travelers; by yourself or with a close friend or family member?

Now take it a step further.  

Do you prefer traveling by camel back vs. 4X4 through the desert; or perhaps a tuk-tuk through the streets of Bangkok vs. a private car with personal shopper for the day?

And where will you stay?  Hotel, train, boat, luxury resort, boutique fort or palace.

Every traveler has specific wants, needs, desires, and expectations when they travel in a familiar and unfamiliar place.  We at CG Concierge Travel have traveled in groups, by ourselves and with family and by car, elephant, airplanes and other unique modes of transportation.  Our first-hand knowledge of the destinations will guide the design of your trip for the ultimate experience without compromising comfort.

During the initial conversation with you, we are matter-of-fact about the destination to ensure of a clear understanding of the challenges and many rewards to be found in countries and cities across the world.  Each journey is designed specifically with your interests, wants, needs, desires and personal travel and budget expectations.  Trips are often once-in-a-lifetime for a client, and it is our goal to make every aspect of the trip one you will always remember.